Week 20…Last week of Spring/Summer CSA!

This is the last week of our Spring/Summer CSA. Here is a little taste of our weekly CSA Newsletter….Week 20! Its hard to believe we have reached the last week of our spring/ summer CSA! This was the first season of marketing for Transplanting Traditions farmers, a chance to put what was learned abstractly in winter growers school into action. Successive plantings, planning, new pests, new strange weather patterns, record keeping, harvesting and packing techniques…so much more. The CSA program has been integral to building the confidence and marketing skills of Transplanting Traditions Farmers.

Thank you for your support, we hope you will spread the word about the project and stay in contact with us. Besides the October CSA we are planning on having more events and workshops in the coming year, looking for ways to diversify funding and support. The federal grant that currently funds this program runs out in Sept 2013 and it is clear this program can not end! Please stay in touch with us so you can be in the know about future events and opportunities. Visit our blog! Stop by the farm! Tell your friends about your CSA experience! Come to the potluck! Pass on information about our events to others!

It is clear from farmer feedback that Transplanting Traditions is more than a farm; it is a source of food security for Karen families, a community gathering space, a place to carry on cultural food and plant traditions that would otherwise be lost, and a safe educational space to provide the opportunity for some to move towards the challenging dream of becoming a farmer.  Everyday I spend at the farm I never cease to be amazed at the dedication and stewardship to the land, the creativity and approach to projects. There is such an incredible wealth of skills and plant knowledge that is being cultivated and passed down on the farm. OK, I could go on and on but I will leave it at this. Thank you again for your support!

If you are continuing with us for Oct, you should have received an email last week. Thank you to all who have already sent in checks! We will send you a reminder email before the CSA begins.

If you think you might be able to attend the potluck, please let me know about how many people you might be bringing. We are trying to get a general idea of how many supplies we need.

spring potluck


Perhaps you noticed the pungent smelling root, stalk and green in your box this week. Perhaps you recognized this as ginger! Yes this is baby ginger, the whole plant! It has been slowly growing along in bags since mid-March, with some rough patches along the way.  There are many ways you can enjoy the plant. Use it the same way you would use mature ginger. Make a tea with the milder leaves and stalk. You can enjoy all parts of it, with the root, stalk and leaf all imparting different levels of gingery goodness.

This year we sourced our ginger from East Branch Ginger. To learn more about how to use your ginger check out the 9 simple ways to use baby ginger

harvesting ginger on Tuesday

Sweet potatoes

Another beginning of fall treat. If you don’t plan on using your sweet potatoes right away, no worries, they store great, but store them in a warm place, like on top of your refrigerator. They have been curing for one-two weeks in the greenhouse. Curing allows the starches to turn into sugars, sweetening the sweet potato. The longer they store in a warm place the sweeter they become. Don’t store them inside your refrigerator!

Some sweet potato recipes

100 ways to cook a sweet potato

one of my favorites, ..oven baked sweet potato fries you can mix in regular potatoes too!

sweet potatoes growing


We hope you enjoy the treat of lettuce this week. You may have noticed the absence of lettuce in your box throughout the summer. This is because lettuce likes growing in cooler weather. The shade house and the cooler weather we have been having has allowed lettuce to thrive.

Box Contents

Sweet potatoes







sweet potato greens



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